My participation of GamesPlusJam2!


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In the beginning I had an idea to make a game where you walk in your room and you will 'space out'. To space out you could go to sleep, drink something, eat something or fall over something. After you'll fell down I wanted to make a dodging game where you run on the streets and visualize funky stuff with shaders.

Plans didn't go as planned.. On wednesday I only managed to put 5 hours in this jam because of deadlines at work.. I already sort of gave up..

But then I got this new idea! I thought why not.. with about 5 hours left for producing this game I started to set this little game up!

First it took me about 1.5 hour to find the assets fitting my idea in my head.Here a list of all assets:

Then it took me about 3 hours to create the whole game using my own code I also use for my html5 build series blog on my website! 

In the end I am happy I still managed to create something small and fun. Next time I will start small, but hey, it has been 2 years since my last participation in any game jam. Needed some reality check if I really could make something complex after work hours!


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It's like that google chrome game with a dinosaur right :)) Very cool looking game!